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bishie_claims's Journal

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Welcome to bishie_claims, where you can claim any bishie, whether girl or guy. You can claim any character from:

-Movies (Either animated or with real actors, just make sure they are the characters, not the actors themselves such as Johnny Depp.)
-Or various other characters that you could possibly think of.


-For now, there is unlimited claims, just try not to go claim happy....
-Just to ensure that everyone gets some lovin', only two characters are claimable per series/show/ect.
-Only one person per bishie.
-No complaining if you don't get who you want. Okay? Okay.
-No claiming any pairings, this is a bishie claiming comm, not a pairings claiming comm.

How to claim

*No claims will be acknowledged if you do it in a comment, be sure to create a new entry with your claims in it.*

~Be sure to check out the Claims Lists first to ensure that your character is not claimed.

Claims List A - M.
Claims List N - Z.

~If they are not claimed, then simply create a new entry and include in there the Name and Series/Movie/Manga they are from.

How certain claims are handled

There are some bishies that have the characteristics of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, so it can get a bit confusing whether to count them as either one claim or two. Here's how it will go:

~Characters who are similar to the case of Jekyll and Hyde will be considered as one. 1 body + Mulitple personalities or Spirits that inhabit them = still means just 1 Claim


Demonic Form & Human Form = One person. Two different characteristics, same body, 1 Claim

Marik Ishtar:
Light Half & Dark Half = One person. Two completely different personalities, one body, 1 Claim

Once you've claimed

~Once you've claimed your character, you must have a link back to us in your userinfo proclaiming who you claimed and where you claimed. It can be a simple text link so it doesn't take up much space:

I claimed Marik Ishtar at bishie_claims.

Create a banner if you like, it's up to you how you do it, just make sure you do it. If you don't have a link after a certain amount of time, you're claims will become void and go back up for adoption. You may be warned to put up a link or we just might remove your claims without a warning. It all depends on how we feel at that particular moment.

Things to do to keep the community active

These are just some suggestions that could keep this community going so it won't be considered "dead".

What you can do

~Update on their lives possibly around once a month, more if you want to. It's up to you how much you want to update.
~Show/tell anything that YOU'VE done relating to your bishie(s). (This includes fanart, banner making, ect. Just be sure to put it behind an LJ-cut if it's large.)
~Feed and water your bishie, and don't forget to take them out for walks, or take them to the vet. O.o A healthy bishie is a happy bishie?

What mods may do

~Have icon contests: A mod may mention a theme and using one of your bishies, create an icon based on that theme. Voting will occur and the winner will have their icon use as the community icon until the next winner is picked...

For more info, click here

Oh yes, if you want to add a link using a banner, here be one you can use:

Community Mods:

lone_lunar_wolf and jaskie23 and _farawaydreams



Community inspired by Manbitch_Claims